"Seltsames Paar" by Emil Nolde

"Strange MoCap Couple"
by Natural Media Lab

Mapping Multimodal Dialogue

Friday Nov. 22, 2013, 9:00h-19:00h
Saturday, Nov. 23, 2013
, 9:30h-17:00h

RWTH Aachen Guesthouse, Melatener Straße 31-35, 52074 Aachen

This workshop brings together junior and senior researchers from various disciplines, e.g. linguistics, computer science or neuroscience, working on the investigation of embodied communicative behavior in multiple modalities, such as speech, manual and head gestures or eye gaze. In this context, 'mapping' may be understood in terms of, for instance:

  • systematically recording, documenting, annotating, visualizing and reconstructing the interactive dynamics of multimodal dialogue (enlarging the scope from manual gestures to the entire body including body posture, torso and head movements, eye-gaze, etc.),
  • embodied conceptual structures and construal operations assumed to drive communicative action and multimodal acts/performances, 
  • neural correlates and brain activation patterns,
  • establishing behavioral/interactional patterns and time-elastic multimodal clusters.


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Speakers include:

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Linn-Marlen Rekittke, M.A.
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Theaterplatz 14
52062 Aachen
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