Bastian Paas, M.Sc.
Building 6070 | Room 408
Theaterplatz 14
52062 Aachen

Phone: +49 241 80 25501

Bastian Paas

Bastian studied Landscape Ecology at the University of Münster with a focus on boundary layer climatology and environmental meteorology. In his master thesis he calculated and analyzed greenhouse gas fluxes using the eddy-covariance technique.

After his master degree he proceeded as a research assistant at the University of Tübingen in the research group „Environmental Physics“. Besides teaching students he was responsible for the development and installation of urban wind measurement equipment and the development of a numerical simulation (cfd) regarding wind energy research in a complex urban environment.

His research interests concern boundary layer meteorology, in particular fluxes of energy and matter in the lower atmosphere as well as air quality issues in urban environments. Since October 2013 Bastian Paas is a research assistant at the Human Technology Center of the RWTH Aachen University.




  • Stienen, Jonas; Schmidt, Teresa; Paas, Bastian; Ziefle, Martina & Fels, Janina (in press) Noise as a Stress Factor on Humans in Urban Environments in Summer and Winter. Full paper at the 10th European Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering.   PDF


  • Stienen, Jonas; Schmidt, Teresa; Paas, Bastian; Maras, Isabell; Schneider, Christoph & Fels, Janina (2014) Evaluation of combined stress factors on humans in urban areas. In: Proceedings of TECNIACÚSTICA 2014 and the European Symposium on Smart Cities and Environmental Acoustics, Murcia, Spain

  • T.S. El-Madany, H.F. Duarte, D.J. Durdan, B. Paas, M.J. Deventer, J.-Y. Juang, M.Y. Leclerc, O. Klemm  Low Level Jets and Above Canopy Drainage as a cause for turbulent exchange in the nocturnal boundary layer. Biogeoscience Discuss.   Link



  • Stienen, Jonas; Schmidt, Teresa; Paas, Bastian & Fels, Janina Interdisziplinäre Untersuchung zur Wahrnehmung von Lärm und anderen Stressfaktoren im urbanen Raum. At: 41. Jahrestagung für Akustik, 16. - 19.03.2015, Nürnberg.


  • Bastian Paas, Benjamin Daniels, Michael Vorländer Environmental issues: ecoystem integrity, urban climate and air pollution, noise. In: Urban Future Outline: designing solutions for sustainability and resilience of tomorrow’s cities. Collaborative Workshop with UFRJ, 05.05.2014, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.   PDF

  • Maras, Isabell; Schmidt, Teresa; Paas, Bastian; Schneider, Chistoph & Ziefle, Martina (2014) Biometeorlogische, lufthygienische und perzeptive Untersuchungen auf urbanen öffentlichen Plätzen - Konzept einer kombinierten Belastungsanalyse. In: 8. BIOMET-Tagung „Mensch-Pflanze-Atmosphäre im 21. Jahrhundert“, 02. – 03.12.2014, Dresden.

  • Paas, Bastian; Bremen, Luisa; Daniels, Benjamin; Maras, Isabell; Markova, Stanimira; Schmidt, Teresa; Stienen, Jonas & Schneider, Christoph Exposition to combined stress in public urban spaces – An approach to modeling, analyzing and visualizing of combined exposition to stress resulting from noise, heat and particulate matter. At: Urban Modelling symposium: Toward integrated modelling of urban systems. 15. – 17.10.2014, Lyon, France

  • Paas, Bastian; Maras, Isabell; Schmidt Teresa; Stienen, Jonas; Schneider, Christoph Lufthygienische, meteorologische und akustische Belastungsgrößen auf innerstädtischen Platzanlagen – Untersuchung kleinräumiger Verteilungen. At: Arbeitskreis Klima. 07. – 09.11.2014, Basel, Schweiz


  • B. Paas & J. Bange., S.-C. Manton, V. Hochschild, D. Klauss, J. Bunzel Windenergienutzung im urbanen Raum: Umwelt- und Energiekonzept für die Gebäude des Universitätsklinikums und der Universität Tübingen. 3. Fachtagung Energiemeteorologie. 04.06.2013, Bonn.

  • E. Fleischer, H. Lokys, B. Paas, T.D. Degefie, T.S. El-Madany, O. Klemm Effects of land-use change on the greenhouse gas exchange in Western Siberia. European Geosciences Union, General Assembly 2013. 07. – 12.04.2013, Wien.

  • E. Fleischer, H. Lokys, B. Paas, T.D. Degefie, T.S. El-Madany, O. Klemm Measurement of greenhouse gas exchanges in Western Siberia.International Symposium - Patterns in Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere-Systems: Monitoring, Modelling & Data Assimilation. 11. – 14.03.2013, Bonn.