Cologne-Aachen Gesture Colloquium

The Cologne-Aachen Gesture Colloquium is an interdisciplinary and international lecture series about gesture established between the Institut für Bewegungstherapie und bewegungsorientierte Prävention und Rehabilitation (Cologne) and the Natural Media and Engineering group (Aachen). Four meetings on average are planned per semester and the venue of the colloquium alternates between HumTec at RWTH Aachen University and the German Sport University in Cologne.



The colloquium focuses on gesture, motion, and movement behavior in cognition and communication research. It is open to anyone who is interested.

The next talk will take place on Thursday, November 24th 2016, 16:00–17:30 

at the Deutsche Sporthoschule Köln (Senatssaal, Sportpark Müngersdorf 6).


Dr. Catherine Bolly (Sociolinguistic Lab, Universität zu Köln):

"Multimodal stance and emotion in the oldest-old" (Abstract)




Previous semester programs.


Prof. Irene Mittelberg

Prof. Dr. med. Hedda Lausberg


Directions to room 303 at HumTec:
HumTec is located in the center of Aachen, right next to the theatre, at Theaterplatz 14 (neighbours with the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz). It is only a 10-minute wal from Aachen Hauptbahnhof in the direction of the Aachen Dome. If you travel by bus, take the bus stop "Theater" or "Alter Posthof".  Room 303 is on the third floor (take the elevator just after entrance).
Directions to the Senatssaal at Cologne Sport University:
The German Sport University is located in the west of Cologne and very close to the "Rhein-Energie Stadion". If you arrive at the Hauptbahnhof, take tram lines 18 or 16 to "Neumarkt" (two stops) and then switch to line 1 in the direction of either "Weiden West" or "Junkersdorf" and get off at "Junkersdorf".
The lecture room "Senatssaal" is located in building II which is opposite the student dormitory tower (the highest tower), ground floor.


For further information or if you wish to participate in the Cologne-Aachen Gesture Colloquium, please contact:

HCorinna Klabunde (Cologne):   

Dhana Wolf (Aachen)