Natural Media / NeuroPeirce / eCosmos

Conference at CSDL 12 in Santa Barbara

The NaturalMedia Group und the eCosmos project represented by Prof. Irene Mittelberg will be participating the CSDL 12 (Conceptual Structure, Discourse and Language) in Santa Barbara by giving a talk.

Prof. Irene Mittelbergs topic will be:

  • Multimodal constructions:
    A quantitative image-schema analysis of aspect-marking gestures

Project team:

Jennifer Hinnell University of Alberta, Linguistics - Dr. Christian Beecks, Marwan Hassani, Prof. Thomas Seidl RWTH Aachen, Data Management and Data Exploration Group  - Prof. Irene Mittelberg RWTH Aachen-HumTec, Natural Media Lab