Shakes, nods, and tilts: Motion-capture data proles of speakers' and listeners' head gestures

Head gestures play an integral role in human communicative action. Speakers regularly employ head movements to convey approval, disagreement, or uncertainty, or to modulate the meaning of their utterances in other ways. Head gestures may also serve as backchanneling signals from the listener to the speaker. This work presents a novel methodology employing motion-capture technology to investigate the forms and functions of head gestures. The focus is on a) the extraction and analysis of specic physical and dynamic features found in head gestures and b) possible dierences between speaker and listener head gestures.


  • Brenger, B., Mittelberg, I. (2015). Shakes, nods and tilts. Motion-capture data profiles of speakers’ and listeners’ head gestures. In: Proceedings of the 3rd Gesture and Speech in Interaction (GESPIN) Conference, Sept. 2015, Nantes. 43–48.