Natural Media: Teilnahme an der ISGS 2016


The seventh conference of the International Society for Gesture Studies ISGS: Gesture- Creativity- Multimodality, has covered various aspects of Gesture Studies, including the role of gesture in artistic creation, the multimodal creativity of bodily expression, and the combined used of gesture/sign with other artistic media.

The entire Natural Media group held presentations at the ISGS, which took place at Sourbonne Nouvelle University in Paris from July 18th-22th:

  • Bela Brenger, Daniel Schüller, Matthias Priesters & Irene Mittelberg
    3D heat maps of multimodal travel planning: Correlating prepositional and adverbial phrases with locating and routing gestures
  • Irene Mittelberg & Linda Waugh
    Poetic gestures: Jakobson's speech functions and their hierarchical modulation in multimodal performance acts
  • Dhana Wolf, Linn-Marlen Rekittke, Irene Mittelberg & Klaus Mathiak
    Perceived conventionality on co-speech gestures recruits the neural network for language processing

For futher information and abstracts please follow this link: