Vortrag von Elisabeth Wehling (UC Berkeley) über Gesten in politischen Streitgesprächen

"Political Debate is Gesture War: Function, Form and Prosody of Discourse Structuring Gestures in Argument"

21. Januar 2010, 17h00, HumTec, Raum 303, in englischer Sprache

In her talk, Elisabeth Wehling will account for what she calls "discourse structuring gestures" for the special case of argumentative dialogue, looking at prototypical form, form frequency and prosody in relation to gestural function.
Her data is US-American political interviews and footage from recent presidential election debates.

It has been observed that gestures in conversation that are not content referential serve to "help maintain the conversation as a social system".
She will show that the function of such gestures in argument extends to discourse control over speaker role, topic and content.

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