Film about Student Research Project

UROP-Duo for Natural Media & Engineering

In summer 2010, two undergraduate students worked on a student research project entitled "Modeling gestures: Towards the analysis of fine-grained hand movements with MoCap systems" in the Natural Media Lab. The UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) International Project was supervised by Dr. Vito Evola and Prof. Irene Mittelberg. You can find a short film about the UROP projects below.

Austin Bennett is an undergraduate student in Cognitive Science at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio (USA). His internship was partially funded by a scholarship awarded to him by UROP International in Aachen, which also provided an intensive German language course as well as cultural and leisure time activities to all its international members. Marlon Meuters is an undergraduate student in Computer Sciences at RWTH Aachen.

Both students experienced an interesting expansion of their study programme and were acquainted with topics and methods of their disciplinary area at a very early stage of their academic career. UROP projects promote the students' disciplinary and extra-disciplinary development and lead them to new career perspectives, e.g. graduate studies. 

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