Workshop MGA (Methods of Gesture Analysis) “From form to meaning”

8.-10. Oktober 2009, SuperC

Workshop organized by Natural Media & Engineering at HumTec, RWTH Aachen in collaboration with the Berlin Gesture Center ( and the VW-project “Towards a Grammar of Gesture” ( at the European University Viadrina

Irene Mittelberg, HumTec, RWTH Aachen
Cornelia Müller, European-University Viadrina

This international workshop is the third event in a series of workshops dedicated to Methods of Gesture Analysis (MGA). The workshop brings together experts in gesture research and doctoral students as well as post-docs and faculty who wish to receive hands-on training in gesture analysis.
MGA I spans both formal and semantic aspects of gesture analysis, moving from a fine-grained gestural form analysis (form features, gesture phases, and gesture combinations) and mimetic modes to the analysis of various semantic functions concrete and abstract referential gestures may exhibit (including iconicity, indexicality, metaphor, and metonymy). Special attention will be paid to the distribution of semantic features across the two modalities.

The next MGA workshop (tba) will focus on the combination of observational and experimental methods in gesture research.
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MGA 2009 Workshop Poster