Natural Media and Engineering invites to a guest lecture on

Grammar, discourse and the body in Brazilian Sign Language

by Leland McCleary, University of São Paulo, on Friday, 16 July, 2010 17:00 Uhr, Human Technology Centre (HumTec), Theaterplatz 14, Room 303

Leland McCleary is professor of Modern Languages at the University of São Paulo, Brazil with research in the areas of cognitive and interactional linguistics, gesture, and sign language. He holds a master´s in Teaching of English of a Second Language from the University of California, Los Angeles (transitivity in narrative discourse) and a doctorate in Linguistics from the University of São Paulo (computer-mediated communication).

Please follow this link for an abstract of the talk.

McCleary, L. & Viotti, E. 2010. Sign-gesture symbiosis in Brazilian Sign Language narrative. In Fey Parrill, Vera Tobin & Mark Turner (eds.), Meaning, Form, and Body, U. Chicago Press.