Anna Kuhlen: Beyond the individual mind

Today, the Natural Media Visitor Anna Kuhlen PhD will be giving a talk in the domain of Experimental Cognitive Psychology. The talk "Beyond the individual mind: Interactive perspectives on speaking and gesturing" will take place right after Katja Eßers PhD Proposal presentation in room 303 at HumTec.


Social interactions are joint activities in which two (or more) individuals coordinate their mental states and behavior. For example, in face-to-face conversation, speakers adapt their speech and their speech-accompanying gestures to their conversational partner. To capture the dynamics of social interaction, one can consider how the individual mind (e.g., the speaker) represents and integrates information about the partner or the social context. One essential aspect of social interactions, however, are the ongoing interactive processes by which individual minds relate to and shape each other in a reciprocal fashion. In this talk I will present experiments that show how speech and gesture are shaped by global information about the conversational partner available to the speaker in advance, and by local information or feedback from the partner that emerges online as the conversation unfolds. I will then relate this approach to ongoing projects aimed at identifying neurophysiological markers of interpersonal coordination.