Vortrag von Dr. Nick Enfield: Distributed Agency

Max Planck Institute (Nijmegen)

This talk will focus on the nature of human agency in social interaction. The argument is that agency is fundamentally distributed, and is therefore an intrinsically interactional aspect of being human. I present a semiotic model that is needed for describing meaning, relevant both to language and gesture, and show how it provides the basic machinery for defining agency in human affairs. Then I present two case studies to illustrate: turn-taking in conversation and recruiting others' help in interaction.

Der Vortrag findet statt in Englischer Sprache im Senatssaal der Deutschen Sporthochschule (Am Sportpark Müngersdorf 6, D-50933 Köln, Institutsgebäude II) und beginnt um 15:00 Uhr.