Natural Media: Visiting scientist Dr. Pamela Perniss

The Natural Media & Engineering Group is very pleased to welcome Dr. Pamela Perniss from MPI Nijmegen and University College London as visiting scientist until April 30. She is staying in Aachen following an invitation by Prof. Klaus Willmes, Prof. Ludwig Jäger, Prof. Iring Koch and Prof. Irene Mittelberg.

Her research focuses on the relationship between language and cognition, especially regarding the impact of modality on linguistic structure. In a current research project, she is investigating the influence of the visual modality on the structure of sign languages, comparing those to co-speech gesture.

On April 26, Dr. Perniss will present her work at the University Hospital in a talk entitled "The role of the visual modality in shaping language structure: Insights from sign language and gesture".

This research stay is funded by the RWTH Aachen Exploratory Research Space.