Natural Media: Participation at ISGS5 2012

The entire Natural Media group will present at the 5th Conference of the International Society for Gesture Studies (ISGS), to be held at the University of Lund, Sweden  (July 23th-27th)

The papers to be presented by the team members cover diverse fields such as cognitive semiotics, HCI, cognitive linguistics, neuroscience, and anthropology:

  • Vito Evola & Marco Casonato
    Gestures on Trial: Applying Gesture Studies to Forensic Interrogations and Interviews.
  • Sukeshini Grandhi, Gina Joue & Irene Mittelberg
    The tale of two gesture targets: Comparison of gesture production for communication with technology vs. humans.
  • Julius Hassemer
    Gesture form principles in object description. Insights from participant reports and Motion Capture analysis.
  • Gina Joue, Irene Mittelberg, Vito Evola, Linda Boven, Klaus Willmes, Frank Schneider & Ute Habel
    Figuring the figurative: an fMRI study on metaphor and metonymy in coverbal gestures.
  • Robert F. Williams & Simon Harrison
    Constructing and Coordinating Representations in Multiple Gesture Spaces.
  • Simon Harrison
    Learning to negate with gestures and signs: A study of non-­native signing in a French Sign Language classroom.

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