Prof. Irene Mittelberg, Ph.D.
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Theaterplatz 14
52062 Aachen

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Bela Brenger
Gebäude 6070 | Raum 404
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Natural Media Lab

In 2010, the Natural Media group has established one of the few motion capture labs specifically configured for gesture and multimodal communication research. It houses a state-of-the-art optical Vicon Motion Capture (MoCap) system aligned with high-speed and video cameras. MoCap overcomes the limits of traditional video recording by visualizing movement trajectories and measuring positions of articulators in 3D space. Group members have developed hand model prototypes suitable for gesture research, and are developing automated annotation tools (ELAN Plugin for Automated Annotation, EPAA) for specific hand configurations, motion patterns, velocities, and distances between gesturing hands or between the gesturer’s torso and a given freely moving articulator. Development of the first 3D models of gesture space to be shared with the gesture and sign language research communities is also underway.

The Natural Media Lab houses a Vicon MX series marker-based infrared motion capture system, consisting of

  • 10 Vicon MX T10 (1 Mp, 100 Hz)
  • 4 Vicon MX 13+ (1.3 Mp, 100 Hz)
  • 2 Basler high-speed cameras
  • DV cameras
  • HD cameras
  • Sound system


Studies employing the Natural Media Lab

List of projects


The Natural Media Team is grateful to HumTec and to Prof. Jarke (Informatik 5) for the generous support of the lab, and to Prof. Binkofski (University Hospital Aachen) for lending us 4 infra-red cameras.