NeuroPeirce: Cologne-Aachen Gesture Colloquiums hosts second talk tomorrow (January 25th)

Prof. Dr. med. Ferdinand Binkofski: "Apraxia: A misunderstood disturbance of higher neural functions"

Friday, January 25th 2013, 3 pm, R303, HumTec

Prof. Binkofski is head of the section Klinische Kognitionsforschung (department of neurology) at University Hospital Aachen. His research focuses on cognitive processes in the sensuo-motoric network of the human brain as well as on a better understanding of the anatomical structures of language and the involved cognitive functions in healthy and after neurological illnesses altered brains.

Pleas find additional info on the Cologne-Aachen Gesture Colloquium, a co-operation between the Institut für Bewegungstherapie und bewegungsorientierte Prävention und Rehabilitation (Cologne) and the Natural Media and Engineering group on the webpage NeuroPeirce.