Human Technology Center

  front of the building at Theaterplatz 14 Copyright: © Peter Winandy

The HumTec Project House at RWTH Aachen University  aims at fostering high level interdisciplinary research between the humanities/social sciences and the engineering/natural sciences. HumTec is part of the RWTH Institutional Strategy, which is funded by the Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments.



Ana de la Varga

Science Management HumTec


+49 241 80 25494



A project house of the Excellence Initiative developing into a central Hub for interdisciplinary research and teaching at RWTH Aachen University

The new center for interdisciplinary research in science and technology at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities contributes significantly to an integrated interdisciplinary technical university:

  • Interactions between technology, science and individual/society
  • Reflection, anticipation and responsible and critical action
  • Fostering the inter- and transdisciplinarity in the construction of knowledge and innovation
  • New interdisciplinary degree programmes

Five new professorships

Applied Ethics with a Focus on the Ethics of Technology and Environmental Ethics (Professor Saskia Nagel)

Individual and Technology (Professor Astrid Rosenthal- von der Pütten)

Computational Social Sciences and Humanities (Professor Markus Strohmaier)

Technology and Society (Professor Stefan Böschen)

Philosophy of Science and Technology (Professor Gabriele Gramelsberger)