Programme for IDEA League Doctoral School 2020

  PhD student holding an iPad Urheberrecht: Ethics of Science and Technology

The IDEA League introduces a new Doctoral School on ‘Ethics of Science and Technology’, which will be taking place in 2020.
Scientific knowledge and technology does not only shape the way we live and act in the world, but also depends on specific visions about what the world should look like and how humans should relate to one another. This Doctoral School, with sessions in Delft, Aachen and Milan, aims to raise participants’ critical awareness of ethical aspects of science and technology.
The school is organized around 3 main themes: responsibility, values and governance . Each theme is the focus of one of the 3 weeks of which the school is composed. These themes are articulated under different disciplinary and methodological perspectives

PhD students of the IDEA League partner universities (RWTH Aachen, TU Delft, ETH Zürich, Politecnico Milano, Chalmers University of Technology) need to develop critical awareness about the values that are embedded in science and technology throughout the lifecycle from design to development, management, control, production, adoption and use. This doctoral school aims to address this need thereby filling a gap in their education.

IDEA PhD School Ethics of Science and Technology: Flyer

Module 1 in Aachen: „Responsibility“- Program here

Module 1 in Aachen: „Responsibility“- Lecturers here


Module 1 in Aachen 29.2-4-3-2020 CANCELLED

Due to the uncertainty related to the outbreak of the Corona virus in Northern Italy, we are developing a revised plan for our doctoral school “Ethics of Science and Technology”: the doctoral school will not start in Aachen on Saturday 29.2; we are instead looking forward to a strong first meeting in Delft in April. We will keep the registered participants  informed  about the rescheduling and the revised modules.