Child-Carebots: AI, Care, and the Ethics of Parental Outsourcing


Evening Lecture
Speaker: Dr. Fay Niker
(Stanford University)
Tuesday, 18th of Dezember 2018, 4pm
Room 303, Theaterplatz 14

The technologization of care, using AI assistive technologies such as robotics and smart monitoring systems, holds out the promise of addressing care deficits within our societies. Yet the potential outsourcing of emotional or intimate labour to these assistive technologies raises several pressing philosophical and ethical questions. This talk focuses on one particular application of intimate social robotics, namely, AIassisted parenting, to examine the key normative concerns with this emerging phenomenon. After problematizing the main distinctions used in the current debate (e.g., replacement/ assistance; deep/shallow care), the talk sets out a taxonomy for disaggregating and understanding the relations between the distinctive sites of ethical analysis concerning the outsourcing parental care responsibilities to carebots (relative to, say, other human caregivers). This issue is one of a broad range of issues addressed within our "Coding Caring: Human Values for an Intimate AI" project at Stanford.