Understanding Responsibility in Research and Innovation


Wednesday, February 13th
HumTec, Theaterplatz 14, R303, 9-15h

Target Group

  • PhD students (please register),
  • Postdocs
  • Research Group Coordinators
  • Research and Science Managers (please register)

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As a researcher, you are expected to extend boundaries of knowledge, produce new insights into a specific issue or push forward a technological development. But what does it mean to do responsible research? In what way is it (or not) your responsibility to respond to social needs, values and demands? Sometimes science and technologies create risks and dilemmas, but can anticipation and reflection contribute to your research project? Should any researcher consider ethics, public engagement, science education, etc. in his/her work? How could you maximize the social impact of your findings?

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is a cross-cutting issue in numerous European funding programmes that aims to bridge the gap between science and society and foster sustainable innovation.

In this workshop, you will develop different approaches to promote responsible research. Join us to reflect on responsibility issues during the innovation process, to learn best practice examples and work out creative solutions to build greater trust in the science through your own research.