Lecture Series on Chemical Weapons


Junior Professor Dr. Malte Götsche, speaker and senior researcher of the Human Technology Center's Area of Activity Technology and Global Security, is responsible for a lecture series on the use of chemical weapons in cooperation with RWTHextern and the Institute of Organic Chemistry. In the coming summer semester 2023, experts will speak on the following topics in a total of four public events. (Lectures will be held in German.)

Chemical Weapons - Why a Discussion is topical and necessary

Although chemical weapons have been internationally banned since 1997, their use still occurs today - e.g. the attacks against Navalny and Skripal or their use during the civil war in Syria. It is speculated that Russia could use chemical weapons in the Ukraine war. This lecture series sheds light on what chemical weapons are, how they can be verified, and the role that politics play in this regard. The aim is to discuss ways of responsible handling of security-relevant research. Ultimately, chemical weapons illustrate the risk that, in exceptional cases, the results of research can also be used for undesirable purposes.

Admission to the events is free of charge, and registration is not required.
Further information: Link to the event notes in the activity field Technology and Global Security.
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