Applied Ethics with a Focus on the Ethics of Technology and Environmental Ethics


Professor Saskia Nagel and her group in Applied Ethics with a focus on the Ethics of Technology and Environmental Ethics are working at the intersection of ethics, philosophy, life sciences, and technologies.

With a background in Cognitive Science and Philosophy, Professor Nagel develops approaches to individual and societal challenges in a technological culture, with a focus on the ethical, anthropological, and social consequences of scientific and technological progress.

The interdisciplinary research group explores how new human-technology-relations – as for example enabled by research in the fields of neuroscience, cognitive science, AI, or data science - influence human self-understanding, and the understanding of values. Recent projects investigate questions of autonomy, responsibility, and trust. The group combines research in applied ethics with philosophy of mind and philosophy and ethics of technology and involves studies on the public understanding of sciences and technological advances.

The group connects with colleagues across countries and disciplines, pursuing the grand goal to understand how science and technologies help or hinder individuals and societies flourish.


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