Zeitschriftenbeiträge & Buchkapitel

  • Smolka, Mareike, Mesman, Jessica (2024) Practicing care-as-affect and engagement-as-critique: Careful engagements with Video-Reflexive Ethnography and Socio-Technical Integration Research. In Ethical and Methodological Dilemmas in Social Science Interventions: Careful interventions in healthcare, museums, design and beyond, herausgegeben von D. Lydahl und N. C. Nickelsen. New York: Springer. Link
  • Smolka, Mareike, Fisher, Erik (2024) Testing Reflexive Practitioner Dialogues: Capacities for Socio-technical Integration in Meditation Research, NanoEthics, 18(1). Link.
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  • Smolka, Mareike, Braun, Maximilian, Greubel, Carla, Neudert, Philipp, Rentrop, Cindy, Wiedemann, Lisa (2023) Beind, doing, and using STS in Germany? Reflections on identity questions, normative commitments, and conceptual work after 2023, EASST Review, 42(1): 41-50. Link.
  • Smolka, Mareike, Böschen, Stefan (2023) Responsible innovation ecosystem governance: socio-technical integration research for systems-level capacity building. Journal of Responsible Innovation.  Link.
  • Smolka, Mareike (2022) Enchanting Narratives: A Historical Ethnography of Contemplative Science. Technology and Language, 3(4): 42-75. Download.
  • Smolka, Mareike, Fisher, Erik, Pickering, Cynthia, Peate, Lyric (2022) Traveling through the past and into the future of Socio-Technical Integration Research (STIR): Midpoint Report on the 2022 STIR Seminar Series, EASST Review, 42(2): 74-8.1. Download.


  • Neudert, Philipp, Smolka, Mareike, und Böschen, Stefan (2024) Integrating Ethics & Society in Innovation Ecosystems: Towards Transformative Innovation Ecosystems. Internationel pre-conference Cluster Integrierte Forschung, online, 30.01.24, Link.
  • Smolka, Mareike, Neudert, Philipp, Mehnert, Wenzel, Bögner, Frieder, und Böschen, Stefan (2023) Partizipative Methoden der Transformationssoziologie in Innovationssystemen erproben: Vision Assessment im NeuroSys Zukunftscluster. Tagung der Transformationssoziologie, Aachen, 30.11.–01.12.23
  • Smolka, Mareike, Neudert, Philipp, Mehnert, Wenzel, Bögner, Frieder, und Böschen, Stefan (2023) Partizipative und transdisziplinäre Forschung in Innovationsökosystemen: Fallstudie zum High-Tech- Innovationsprojekt NeuroSys. PartWiss 2023, Chemnitz, 22–24.11.23
  • Smolka, Mareike (2023) From Studying Visions to Analyzing Alignment Work: Work-in-progress on Futures of Neuromorphic Computing. Keynote beim Doktorandenkolloquium der School of Social Science and Technology, Technical University Munich, München, 27.10.23.
  • Smolka, Mareike, Neudert, Philipp, Mehnert, Wenzel, Bögner, Frieder, Figà Talamanca, Giacomo und Böschen, Stefan (2023) From Visions to Scenarios of Neuromorphic Computing: Imagining the Future of NeuroSys in a Participatory Process. Poster beim Jülich-Aachen Neuromorphic Computing Day, Jülich, 29.-30.08.23.
  • Neudert, Philipp (2023) The Limits of Responsibilization? Responsibility-Boundary-Work through Future Visions of Neuromorphic Computing. Science and Democracy Network 22nd Annual Meeting, Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge, MA, 24.-26.08.23.
  • Smolka, Mareike (2023) Integrating Societal Dimensions into the Development of Neuromorphic Computing Hardware for AI. The Virtual Ethical Innovation Lecture Series, Lübeck, 11.07.23.
  • Neudert, Philipp (2023) Zu einer transformativen Imaginationsinfrastruktur. Demokratisierung von transformativen Visionen-als-Praktiken: Ein infrastruktureller Ansatz. TA23: Infrastrukturen der Zukunft, Wien, 5.-6.06.23.
  • Neudert, Philipp, Smolka, Mareike, und Böschen, Stefan (2023) Responsibilization and responsibility boundary-work by and through visions of neuromorphic computing. 2023 Forum on Philosophy, Engineering, & Technology (fPET 2023), Delft, 19.-21.04.23. 
  • Smolka, Mareike (2023) From ‘ethics in theory’ to ‘ethics in action’ in mindfulness research: studying and transforming responsibility practices through Socio-Technical Integration Research. 2023 Forum on Philosophy, Engineering, & Technology (fPET 2023), Delft, Niederlande.
  • Smolka, Mareike (2023) Engaged Ethnography: Critical participation in valuation work., Aachen, 15.-17.03.23.
  • Neudert, Philipp (2023) Buidling capacities for reflection: How to create a responsible innovation ecosystem?, Aachen, 15.-17.03.23.
  • Smolka, Mareike, Böschen, Stefan, Nagel, Saskia, Letmathe, Peter (2022) Society, Ethics, and Economics in NeuroSys: Shaping the Innovation Ecosystem of Neuromorphic Computing Technology. Frontier Workshop neuroAIx, Aachen, 17.-18.11.22.
  • Neudert, Philipp, Smolka, Mareike, und Böschen, Stefan (2022) Sozio-Technische Integration im Innovationsökosystem: Einführung in die interdisziplinäre Transformationsforschung von NeuroSys. Gesellschaft für Wissenschafts- und Technikforschung Jahrestagung, Dortmund, 17.-18.11.22.
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  • Smolka, Mareike (2022) Interdisciplinary Engagement with Human Values in Science and Engineering: Introducing the NeuroSys project.” Public Interest Technology Colloquium at the School for the Future of Innovation in Society at Arizona State University, online format, 05.04.11, Link.

Organisation von Panels bei Tagungen

  • Neudert, Philipp (2023) Politics, Crisis, and the Contested Role of Science and Technology. 2023, Aachen, Deutschland. 
  • Smolka, Mareike, Braun, Maximilian, Falkenberg, Ruth (2023) Circulating values: from what is 'good' somewhere to what is 'best' elsewhere and back again. 2023, Aachen, Deutschland.