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The ITD Alliance serves a diverse, distributed network of institutions and individuals cutting across disciplinary, institutional, cultural, sectorial, and geographical boundaries. The shared goal of Alliance members is to address complex problems and societal needs common to inter- and transdisciplinary communities around the world. The Alliance contributes to theory and practice by providing specialized knowledge, tools, and techniques that support, guide, and drive global cross-disciplinary and cross-sector collaborations. By focusing on boundary-crossing and boundary-spanning research, the ITD Alliance aims to advance capacity for collaborative research.


The LLI Network

Professor Stefan Böschen, spokesperson for HumTec and part of the LLI leadership team, and Julia Backhaus are among the founding members of the ITD Alliance


The Working Groups are an important pillar of the ITD Alliance and the main space to actively engage. Specific fields are addressed by self-organised groups of experts and interested members. This enables contributing to and benefitting from globally distributed expertise and experience.

At the moment the following work groups are under formation:


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