The main task of the Living Labs Incubator is research. For about 10 years, Living Labs have been considered from different perspectives of social sciences, humanities and economics. However, there is no uniform definition of Living Labs in this broad, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary field of research and practice, and it does not seem desirable due to the many different forms. At the same time, it is worth taking a multi-perspective look at the phenomenon of the Living Labs, its implementation and its influence.

Anchored in the fields of philosophy of science and sociology of science as well as science and technology studies and political science, LLI therefore elaborates new perspectives on and evaluation metrics of research and transformation processes in and through Living Labs. For example, typifications are developed along various criteria such as transdisciplinarity and diversity of methods. Due to the multitude of actors involved in knowledge production in Living Labs, important questions arise with regard to knowledge transfer and the nature and quality of the new knowledge created in Living Labs. LLI addresses these in particular in its TRANSFER project. Here, indicators for knowledge transfer in and through Living Labs are to be created.


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