Web 2.0 discourse on large-scale technologies:  Computer-aided detection, risk assessment and targeted communication.

  Diagram to explain the Methods of WebDisk Copyright: © WebDisk - HumTec

WebDisk is a consecutive project based on subtopics and their results covered in the Humic project. Aim of the project is the methodological and normative-evaluative study of weakly-structured Internet discourses using the example of large-scale technologies such as energy technology for the purposes of acceptance research and risk communication.

The methodological aim is the development of a tool for the automated collection, analysis and evaluation of opinion indicating expressions in Web comments. The development focuses on the study of linguistic forms and procedures of opinion-forming on the Web, which is the research focus of various disciplines. In particular, the findings are utilized for the investigation of acceptance of large-scale technologies. The tool is intended to support the discipline-specific research, e.g., through the identification and analysis of user evaluations in user generated content. In the project, mainly blog texts are investigated.

The evaluative-normative goal of the project is the systematic evaluation of acceptance factors in Web 2.0 discourses with the aim to make them usable for a targeted risk communication.