Poster for the E-Cosmos project Copyright: © E-Cosmos - HumTec

Complex multimodal bodies of data such as text production behavior data and combined speech and communicative action data represent a new frontier in humanities research demanding novel approaches to the mathematical modeling, mining and quantification of these data.

The project will develop the e-cosmos platform, an integrated set of tools helping to process new combinations of data, detect cross-modal clusters as well as hidden patterns in multimodal and time-displaced data streams, and undertake fine-grained linguistic investigations into these structures. A typical problem of computational tools for the humanities is ad-dressed by developing the platform with the help of user-centric design, which aims at bridging the gap between users and software engineers. The project will serve as a model for effective interdisciplinary co-operation between technical disciplines and the humanities by specifically taking on issues in interdisciplinary collaboration as a core part of its research agenda.