“HUMIC” – Evaluation of acceptance as an integral element of the development and implementation of complex technical systems. Using the example of the mobile communication networks.

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Period 04/2009 to 03/2012

The aim of this project is the further development of the specification process, processing, planning of extension, configuration and construction of complex technical systems due to the integration of acceptance as a process immanent factor.

Processes of this kind expand over a long period and require high investments. The evaluation of complex technical systems is fragile, dependent of perceived or ascribed factors and of the evaluation of individuals and social systems. It will be proved where (process steps) and how (procedure and methods) aspects of acceptance need to be considered in the process of the development of the system and its transformation in the course of the project.

The basic assumption is that acceptance can be shaped as a function of object-related and not-object-related parameters and its evaluation of instances (users, non-users, societal systems).Using the example of mobile telephone systems this model should be transferable to other complex technical systems.

Entanglement of engineering and humanities can be found in two ways: The humanities develop in cooperation with engineering an integrated model of eva-luation for complex technical systems, considering technical system communities.The aim is the development of approaches that comprise, with the help of different, coordinated methods, the evaluation of technical systems.These approaches consider the interplay of different point of views (social, cultural, individual and group oriented, but also technical and economical dimensions), as well as different perspectives (user vs. non-users, target group vs. operator or decision maker) and attached problems. Engineering sciences modify the processes of technical system development and realization including the evaluation model using mathematical modeling and simula-tion (of judgements/opinions and behavior of acceptance over time).The modification performs iterative.

Solutions will be tested using the example of the mobile telephone system.