Technology and Science should be conceived for the individual and for the society. Excellent research and innovation taking plalce at an integrated interdisciplinary technical university should always take into account the pertinent social an cultural context. Innovation takes place under manifold conditions, like the inclusion of citizens through participative processes, through Citize Science or under the perspective of solving "Big Social Challenges". Responsible research and innovation needs therefore and integrated inter- and transdisciplinary approach. Only in this way can innovation processes keep on track with the critical examination of outcomes and side effects, of chances and risks, of implementation possibilities and barriers, etc. And only with such an approach can the knowledge gained after an interdisciplinary examination be reconsidered in the process.

Research at HumTec takes place in five different disciplines: Philosophy, ethics, sociology, computer science and psychology. Therefore HumTec offers a broad spectrum of research methods.

The five professorships

Applied Ethics with a Focus on the Ethics of Technology and Environmental Ethics (Prof. Saskia Nagel)

Computational Social Sciences and Humanities (Prof. Markus Strohmaier)

Individual and Technology (Prof. Astrid Rosenthal- von der Pütten)

Philosophy of Science and Technology (Prof. Gabriele Gramelsberger)

Technology and Society (Herr Prof. Stefan Böschen)