Leonardo Event




A guiding idea for technical universities

Under the title "Leonardo Worlds: Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow" the Faculty of Philosophy organized a colloquium in memory of Leonardo da Vinci, whose death anniversary was celebrated on 2 May 2019 for the 500th time.

On this occasion, we were able to meet the Rector of the RWTH Aachen University, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rüdiger, and the future President of the Technical University of Munich, Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofmann, for the first time for a public discussion about the technical universities of the future and their gain responsibility in society.

The discussion was moderated by Dr. Jan-Martin Wiarda (Friday 3 May 2019, 5 pm, 6th floor Super C, Templargraben 57).

On the Thursday 2 May, the Faculty of Philosophy thanked Prof. Dr. Jürgen Mittelstraß for his pioneering ideas in important phases of its transformation process. Jürgen Mittelstraß and his work were honoured in an evening colloquium "Leonardo World" on the 6th floor of the SuperC, Templergraben 57.


Discussion: Rüdiger meets Hofmann

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