Online-Talk "How to Model Artificial Sociality: A Proposal"


As part of the online colloquium of the Computertational Science Studies Lab Aachen with the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart, Johanna Seibt from Aarhus University will give a talk on "How to Model Artificial Sociality: A Proposal".

While the last decade has focused on the ethical problems of AI and social robotics, this talk addresses the conceptual problems that arise when artificial agents present themselves as social agents. Focusing on social robotics in particular, Johanna Seibt talks about the need for a (philosophical) ontology first and ethics second in the current research situation - more precise descriptions of human social interactions with robots will allow us to produce the kind of empirical data that can ground detailed ethical recommendations. The talk will introduce the OASIS (Ontology of Asymmetric Social Interactions) descriptive framework, which is based on three constructive ideas: degrees of simulation, levels of sociality, and perspectivity. Seibt cares about how the OASIS provides simple but sufficiently meaningful and precise descriptive tools that can facilitate the interdisciplinary integration of human-robot interaction research.

The talk will be held on Thursday, February 4 from 4 - 6 pm.

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